Advancing the education of young women


The Mac.Rob Foundation is a philanthropic body, established to enable education and advancement.


Addressing the needs of young women at Mac.Robertson Girls' High School, the Mac.Rob Foundation provides scholarships, opens the door to educational opportunity and helps to enhance tertiary pathways.

Mac.Rob Foundation provides vital support networks to help young women transform through education.




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Mac.Rob Foundation Grants

As a philanthropic organisation, The Foundation is dedicated to enabling the education and advancement of young women through scholarships, educational opportunities and enhanced tertiary pathways.

The Mac.Rob Foundation has committed to this mission through the provision of Grants, Bursaries and Scholarships, with the aim of

  • Providing assistance to eligible students whose families are in genuine financial need; or
  • Acknowledging excellence through financial support and/or enabling students of excellence to engage in extra-curricular programs.

This page will be updated with information on current grants, including their purpose, eligibility criteria and application process, when available.

The Mac.Rob Foundation's Grants Policy 2016-18 is available for download here. For further information, contact

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On Thursday 13 October 2016, Australian historian, author, broadcaster and Mac.Robertson Girls' High School alumna Dr Clare Wright gave the inaugural Christina Montgomery Oration at Mac.Rob.

During the oration, entitled The Hidden Women of History, Clare told the stories of forgotten women in Australian history, taking the time to pay tribute to Mac.Rob's founding Principal Christina Montgomery. Clare also shared the stories of how she came to discover many of these women, who all had unrecognised roles in Australia's history.

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Chair of The Mac.Rob Foundation Debra Knight, Dr Clare Wright and Director of The Mac.Rob Foundation Dr Toni Meath with portrait of Christina Montgomery

The launch of The Mac.Rob Foundation took place on the 5th March 2016, at the National Gallery Victoria. Themed TRANSFORMATION, this event celebrated the fact that every young woman who passes through the halls of Mac.Rob is transformed by their experience. The Mac.Rob Foundation charted the trajectory of women, young and old, who have been empowered by their education, and celebrated the launch of a Foundation that will go on to assist other young women to do the same.

Did you miss the night? Copies of the program of the event's proceedings have been provided for download.

Virginia Trioli acts as MC for the launch of The Mac.Rob Foundation.

Virginia Trioli acts as MC for the launch of The Mac.Rob Foundation.


An amazing night spent celebrating the power of an important school - and marking the efforts of influential and educated women. This event highlights the beginning of an important phase for The Mac.Robertson Girls' School.

The Mac.Rob Foundation has been established to support the needs of girls who are currently studying at Mac.Rob. Every year Mac.Robertson Girls' School sees many young talented women cross the threshold, from all walks of life and many varied backgrounds. As the State's premier selective school for young women, Mac.Robertson Girls' School is dedicated to giving talented and gifted young women the support they need to help them realise their full potential. However many young women, regardless of their talent and abilities, can find themselves held back by simple financial issues. For example, excursions may be out of reach, computer equipment too costly, or the opportunity to study overseas may not be possible for these otherwise exemplary young women.

So The Mac.Rob Foundation was formed. We believe that young women within the school, regardless of their background and circumstance, should be given the opportunity to be the best they can. With the support of The Mac.Rob Foundation, that is now possible.

The Mac.Rob Foundation provides support through the provision of grants, through bursaries, and through the creation of pathways to tertiary education and beyond.

The launch of The Foundation has been a crucial first step in creating a steady flow of support, assisting the next generation of young, powerful and influential women.

The event was ably captured through the marvellous lens of Agatha Yim. A wide range of imagery is available for download from the launch night.


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The establishment of the Mac.Rob Foundation is to support the Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School community through philanthropy.”
The Foundation provides scholarships, opportunities for girls to participate in extra-curricular programs, and pathways to tertiary study.”
The Foundation recognises the transformational power of studying at Mac.Rob Girls’ High School, and seeks to share that experience between alumni and current students.”
The Mac.Rob Foundation seeks to engage with alumni, linking the current students with past, and working together to advance girls education.”