The K.P. Lee Scholarship

a report from one of the 2018 recipients

Being granted the K.P Lee Scholarship through the Mac.Rob Foundation allowed me to achieve my best in both Maths Methods and Specialist Maths in VCE.

It was highly beneficial to have guidance through the year and someone who I could ask questions to weekly. Having weekly sessions also helped me gain a deeper understanding of tricky mathematical concepts and theories which allowed me to enjoy learning maths more and build confidence in both maths subjects.

My sessions were run with another student who was also doing the same maths subjects, I found this to be really helpful as we could discuss our ideas and methods and would also bring different concerns and issues to the session each week.

Overall, the scholarship provided by the Mac.Rob foundation was highly valuable and I hope to continue to see the foundation thrive and benefit many more Macrobbians in the future!

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