Advancing the education of young women


The Mac.Rob Foundation is a philanthropic body, established to enable education and advancement of young women in Victoria.


Addressing the educational needs of young women, The Mac.Rob Foundation is a philanthropic organisation. The Foundation supports young women by providing scholarships, educational opportunity and enhanced tertiary pathways.

The Mac.Rob Foundation provides vital support networks to help young women transform through education.


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The Mac.Rob Foundation has committed to address the educational needs of young women through a series of grants, scholarships and bursaries to enable further educational opportunities and advancement. The Foundation has announced four Scholarships for 2018.

The Helen Turner Scholarship
This Scholarship is in memory of former student Helen Roberta Turner (nee Bates) with the intent of assisting eligible students whose families are in genuine financial need. This Scholarship is awarded to enable a student to have a full secondary school experience. Examples include voluntary contributions and to enable students to purchase books, resources, uniform, that may have been financially prohibitive to them.
Applications for The Helen Turner Scholarship are ongoing.

The Academic Excellence Scholarship
The Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to acknowledge academic excellence through financial support and/or recognition to enable students of excellence to engage in extra-curricular programs. This Scholarship is awarded for distinction to provide opportunity. Examples include study tours, language exchanges, music competitions etc.
Applications for the Academic Excellence Scholarship have now closed.

The Graduate/Postgraduate Scholarship
This scholarship is available to women aged 30 and younger. The Scholarship acknowledges distinction through financial support for young women to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate studies at leading globally recognised institutions.
Applications for The Graduate/Postgraduate Scholarship have now closed.

The K. P. Lee Scholarship
$1,000 (four available)
This Scholarship is in acknowledgement of the outstanding service and contribution by Mr K. P. Lee, former Mathematics teacher of The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School and is sponsored by his former student, Alana Lam. It is intended to provide tuition in the subject of Mathematics for senior students. This Scholarship is awarded to students deemed to be kind, hardworking and diligent who require further support in the learning of Mathematics and not are not in a position to access additional support.
Students for this Scholarship are identified by The Mac.Rob Mathematics Coordinator in consultation with the Mathematics teachers and Principal.

Details of the additional information required for each of the Scholarships are available on their respective application pages. Applications submitted without the corresponding additional information will not be considered. Click here to view The Mac.Rob Foundation Grants Policy 2017-19.

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Our Grant Recipients


Anna Sing

Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient 2017

In the last week of July last year, I was honoured to represent Australia at the 2017 International Biology Olympiad held in the United Kingdom. It has been an amazing journey from the initial stages of the Olympiad that sparked my initial curiosity about biology, to the challenges that fuelled my persistence and interest in the subject, and now to my hopes of pursuing a career in the biological or biomedical sciences, or medicine.

  Dr Toni Meath, Anna Sing and Ms Vani Manokaran at Parliament House Canberra for the announcement of the Australian Olympiad teams, June 2017

Dr Toni Meath, Anna Sing and Ms Vani Manokaran at Parliament House Canberra for the announcement of the Australian Olympiad teams, June 2017

We arrived several days before the IBO to explore London, meeting the acting Australian High Commissioner, visiting Buckingham Palace, and riding the London Eye. When we came to the University of Warwick for the Olympiad, there was an opening ceremony where all the national teams were presented, followed by one day of practical exams and one day of theoretical exams with excursions in the free days. Alongside the social events and icebreakers between countries, there is a tradition at the IBO of national teams exchanging gifts. It was incredible for me to meet so many inspiring people across the world in a single week, and it’s not only given me a small insight into the lives and ambitions of students in other countries, but also encouraged me to consider studying overseas.

What I found most intriguing were the practical exams on biochemistry, botany, and developmental physiology, each of them comprising multiple parts with frightful time pressure! For example, the developmental biology exam first involved a dissection of dead fly larvae under microscopes to identify anatomical structures such as the brain, salivary glands, spiracles (their external respiratory openings) and wing discs. This was followed by a dissection of anaesthetised larvae to find a beating dorsal vessel - the major component of their circulatory system, somewhat like our heart - and finally an independently designed experiment on how various insect hormones affected the pulse. Another section of the botany practical involved a stain of Arabidopsis seeds (member of the mustard plant family), which rendered them transparent so we could identify mutant embryos.

 Anna Sing (Class of 2017) at the closing ceremony of the International Biology Olympiad, July 2017.

Anna Sing (Class of 2017) at the closing ceremony of the International Biology Olympiad, July 2017.

Participating in the Olympiads has sparked a passion for biology and challenged me to go far beyond what I thought was possible. It’s an experience like no other and a gift that keeps on giving. It’s given me the opportunity to return as a tutor and lecturer for the Australian Biology Olympiad Summer School - to see the program come full circle and the current students now flourish in an intensive academic course that not only stretches them to their limits, but also allows them to thrive in a rich social environment with like-minded peers.

A single exam can open so many doors, so I urge all who are considering sitting the Australian Science Olympiad Exams to stop hesitating, and to go for it!

Finally, I’d like to thank all my teachers, Dr Meath, and The Mac.Rob Foundation so much for supporting me throughout with all their enthusiasm. It’s been an incredibly rewarding journey, and one that will continue to shape my aspirations in the years to come.

Anna Sing
Dux of the Class of 2017
July 2018

 Dr Toni Meath, Anna Sing and Debra Knight, on Anna's return from the International Biology Olympiad.

Dr Toni Meath, Anna Sing and Debra Knight, on Anna's return from the International Biology Olympiad.

Are you interested in supporting the education of gifted young women in Victoria?

The Christina Montgomery Oration 2018

On Tuesday 13 March 2018, Professor Gillian Triggs presented the third annual Christina Montgomery Oration.

The Christina Montgomery Oration is named in honour of the first principal of The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School and was created to celebrate the successes and achievements of extraordinary women, while simultaneously supporting the current cohort of students.

The intent of the Oration is to provide an opportunity for a woman of influence to address the community on a topic of their choice. This year we were fortunate to announce our speaker:

Professor Gillian Triggs

Former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission (2012-2017)

Gillian Triggs pic[1].jpeg

Emeritus Professor Gillian Triggs is a fiercely intelligent academic, lawyer and former President of the Australian Human Rights Commission (2012-2017).

As President of the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), Professor Triggs set out to advocate for Australia's domestic law to reflect its international human rights obligations. Professor Triggs was placed under extraordinary pressure by the government when the AHRC released its report The Forgotten Children: National Enquiry into Children in Immigration Detention in 2014. Professor Triggs quickly became a renowned figure, shaping Australia's political and human rights landscape.

Professor Triggs graduated in Law from the University of Melbourne in 1968 and gained a PhD in 1982. She has combined an academic career with international commercial legal practice and worked with governments and international organisations advising on human rights law.

Professor Triggs was Dean of the Faculty of Law and Challis Professor of International Law at the University of Sydney from 2007-2012, and Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law from 2005-2007. Professor Triggs is a former Barrister and a Governor of the College of Law. She also served the AHRC as Acting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner from 2016-2017. Professor Triggs is the author of many books and papers. She is married to Alan Brown AM, a former Australian diplomat, and has two children and two grandchildren.

2016 Christina Montgomery Oration : Dr Clare Wright
2017 Christina Montgomery Oration : Jamila Rizvi

The launch of The Mac.Rob Foundation took place on the 5th March 2016, at the National Gallery Victoria. The Mac.Rob Foundation charted the trajectory of women, young and old, who have been empowered by their education, and celebrated the launch of a Foundation that will go on to assist other young women to do the same.

Did you miss the night? Copies of the program of the event's proceedings have been provided for download.

 Virginia Trioli acts as MC for the launch of The Mac.Rob Foundation.

Virginia Trioli acts as MC for the launch of The Mac.Rob Foundation.


An amazing night spent celebrating the power of an important school - and marking the efforts of influential and educated women.

The Mac.Rob Foundation has been established to support the educational needs of girls in Victoria. For example, every year Mac.Robertson Girls' High School sees many young talented women cross the threshold, from all walks of life and many varied backgrounds. As the State's premier selective school for young women, The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School is dedicated to giving talented and gifted young women the support they need to help them realise their full potential. However many young women, regardless of their talent and abilities, can find themselves held back by simple financial issues: excursions may be out of reach, computer equipment too costly, or the opportunity to study overseas may not be possible for many otherwise exemplary young women.

We believe that all gifted young women in Victoria, regardless of their background and circumstance, should be given the opportunity to be the best they can. With the support of The Mac.Rob Foundation, that is now possible.

The Mac.Rob Foundation provides support through the provision of grants, through bursaries, and through the creation of pathways to tertiary education and beyond.

The launch of The Mac.Rob Foundation has been a crucial first step in creating a steady flow of support, assisting the next generation of young, powerful and influential women.

The event was ably captured through the marvellous lens of Agatha Yim. A wide range of imagery is available for download from the launch night.


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The establishment of The Mac.Rob Foundation is designed to recognise the efforts of young women and girls through supporting their access to education.”
The Foundation provides scholarships, opportunities for girls to participate in extra-curricular programs, and pathways to tertiary study.”
The Foundation recognises the transformational power of education, and seeks to share that experience.”
The Mac.Rob Foundation believes in the importance of mentorship and support - actively linking current students with women who are successful in their careers.”