The Mac.Rob Foundation has committed to address the educational needs of young women through a series of grants, scholarships and bursaries to enable further educational opportunities and advancement. The Foundation has announced four Scholarships for 2018.

The Helen Turner Scholarship

This Scholarship is in memory of former student Helen Roberta Turner (nee Bates) with the intent of assisting eligible students whose families are in genuine financial need. This Scholarship is awarded to enable a student to have a full secondary school experience. Examples include voluntary contributions and to enable students to purchase books, resources, uniform, that may have been financially prohibitive to them.
Applications for The Helen Turner Scholarship are ongoing.

The Academic Excellence Scholarship

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to acknowledge academic excellence through financial support and/or recognition to enable students of excellence to engage in extra-curricular programs. This Scholarship is awarded for distinction to provide opportunity. Examples include study tours, language exchanges, music competitions etc.
Applications for the Academic Excellence Scholarship have now closed.

The Graduate/Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is available to women aged 30 and younger. The Scholarship acknowledges distinction through financial support for young women to undertake undergraduate and postgraduate studies at leading globally recognised institutions.
Applications for The Graduate/Postgraduate Scholarship have now closed.

The K. P. Lee Scholarship

$1,000 (four available)
This Scholarship is in acknowledgement of the outstanding service and contribution by Mr K. P. Lee, former Mathematics teacher of The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School and is sponsored by his former student, Alana Lam. It is intended to provide tuition in the subject of Mathematics for senior students. This Scholarship is awarded to students deemed to be kind, hardworking and diligent who require further support in the learning of Mathematics and not are not in a position to access additional support.
Students for this Scholarship are identified by The Mac.Rob Mathematics Coordinator in consultation with the Mathematics teachers and Principal.

Details of the additional information required for each of the Scholarships are available on their respective application pages. Applications submitted without the corresponding additional information will not be considered. Click here to view The Mac.Rob Foundation Grants Policy 2017-19.

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