Give the gift of education


There has always been something very special about an education at The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School. The Mac.Rob Foundation has been established with the sole purpose of advancing the education of young women in Victoria.

A growing number of Australians are seeking to leave a lasting legacy through bequests or charitable trusts. By including The Mac.Rob Foundation in your will, you are ensuring a brighter future for young women in Victoria.

Your bequest will be an investment in their education, opening doors that may otherwise be closed. Help us ensure that opportunities are more readily available for young women to achieve their full potential. Your bequest may provide new uniforms and books, or the opportunity to take part in a foreign exchange or tour program.

Your bequest to The Mac.Rob Foundation will make a direct difference - by enabling a stepping stone to tertiary education or into a career.

As a written document, your will states clearly how you would like your assets to be distributed. Without a will, you allow decisions about your estate to be made by others. By making and updating your will, you ensure your estate is distributed the way you intended.


You can bequeath a specific sum of money or a percentage of the residue of your estate, or specific assets such as shares or property. It is important to discuss with us the type of gift you intend to leave The Mac.Rob Foundation to ensure that we are able to apply it appropriately to our work. We recommend that where appropriate you discuss your wish to make a gift to The Mac. Rob Foundation with your family and loved ones so that your intentions are clear to all concerned.

Your will

Your solicitor will provide advice, or The Mac.Rob Foundation has a relationship with a number of solicitors who can help you develop a standard will.

Suggested wording -


I give free of all duties to The Mac.Rob Foundation, care of The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School of 350-370 Kings Way, Melbourne 3004,

  • the sum of ...... dollars; or

  • ...... percent of my residuary estate;

  • or you may wish to insert a full description of an asset.

I declare that the receipt of the Chair or other proper officer of The Foundation shall be a sufficient discharge to my trustee thereof.


The Foundation would like to recognise those who remember Mac.Rob in their will. It would be appreciated if you would notify the Secretary in strict confidence that The Foundation is to be a beneficiary.

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