Apply for the 2019 Academic Excellence Scholarship

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is a $2,500 grant awarded to acknowledge excellence through financial support and/or recognition to provide students of distinction the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular programs.

Examples include study tours, language exchanges and music competitions.

To apply for The Academic Excellence Scholarship, please complete the form below and provide the required additional information before 11.59pm on 23/04/2019

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I declare that the information contained in this application is true and correct. I have read and understand the rules relating to this grant and I agree that the Mac.Rob Foundation, DET or The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, will not be liable for any additional expenses that I may incur as a result of my acceptance of the award.

Additional information for The Academic Excellence Scholarship
Students applying for the Scholarship of $2,500 must also include two references from teachers at the School. Please download and print the reference form and provide a hard copy to two (2) teachers. Your teachers will provide the completed reference forms to the grants committee.

Applications submitted without the corresponding additional information will not be considered. Click here to view The Mac.Rob Foundation Grants Policy 2017-19.

If you have any issues using this form, please contact